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Multiracial people: Fastest growing demographic in US

Friday, May 29th, 2009

News Story:

The number of multiracial people in the US grew by 3.4% last year, now numbering about 5.2 million according to the latest census estimation.  Millions more are believed to be uncounted.  Demographers cite public figures such as Tiger Woods and President Obama for helping to remove the stigma of being of mixed race.

It is projected that over the next 20 years, the significance of race as we now know it will be nonexistent.  The current racial identity politics will become obsolete, as mixed-race voters have a larger impact on politics in the US.


Such increases in mixed race population will overall be positive for the US as a whole, I think.  Maybe politicians will finally be forced to run for election based on actual issues, instead of courting ethnic and racial run organizations that encourage those of certain demographics to vote for particular candidates, and political parties.  It will be positive for the US to get past its history of racial discord and discrimination as well.  Programs such as affirmative action must be eliminated, so that Americans are judged by their own merits and not by their racial background.