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Obama promises to sign anti-smoking bill quickly

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

News Story:

Legislation to severely crack down on tobacco makers and products is underway, and President Obama has promised to sign this legislation into law quickly.

Included in the legislation will be the ability for the FDA to have the ability to regulate what goes into tobacco products, to demand changes in additives and toxic substances in tobacco products and also to block the sale of new tobacco products.

Cigarettes will be required to have warning labels that cover 1/2 of the front and back of the packaging, tobacco sponsorships and advertisement will be strictly regulated, flavor additives will be restricted or banned, and a new user fee will be imposed on the tobacco industry.  Currently, assessments are $235 million a year and are expected to rise to $712 million in 2019.


I think that it is important to encourage young people not to begin smoking, but I think that responsibility should lie with the family, and with schools.  There are education programs, that my children have been a part of that are effective at telling kids the dangers of smoking and doing drugs.  My kids are the first to lecture their smoking grandparents on the dangers of smoking….

I don’t think that additional government regulation is the answer.  This is just another area that the current administration will throw the hard earned money of American citizens at, that won’t really stop those who are going to smoke from doing so.  Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you, they’re going to do what they’re going to do no matter what legislation Obama signs into law.

Obama outlines plan to have health insurance for all

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

News Story:

President Obama gave details on how he would like to reshape the healthcare system in the US.  He would like to give all Americans the option to buy into a government insurance plan, while still allowing them the choice to purchase private insurance as well.

There is pressure for Obama to push to require that all Americans have some form of health insurance, possibly providing a waiver based on income or some sort of  subsidies to help the poor purchase coverage.  Cost of this type of program is a huge issue, and Obama is already talking about making huge cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, in the amount of about $300 billion over 10 years.  He cites waste in unecessary tests, and hospital readmissions and would like to see more of a focus on managing chronic diseases.

All plans should have a basic coverage package, and none will be allowed to turn down those with pre-existing conditions for coverage.

Republicans and Insurance companies oppose the plan, as they say it would drive insurers out of business by artificially deflating the cost of coverage.


I agree that providing affordable healthcare for all US citizens is important.  Insurance companies have become so greedy, especially in their compensation of executives in these companies, and are not concerned with customer service.  They will give patients the run around and deny coverage with their profitability being their only concern.

A public coverage option will force insurance companies to differentiate themselves from a government run program, and service may be the way they can do that.

Obama: Paint roofs and roads white to save energy

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

News Story:

US energy secretary, Steven Chu, said the Obama administration wants to paint roofs white to reflect heat and light and as a result, lower energy consumption.  This is especially targeted at flat roofs.  They would also like for roads to be a lighter color to also prevent heat absorbtion.  They say that these changes could have the equivalent result to taking off every car on the road for 11 years.  Also, painting cars in light or cool colors would reduce air conditioner use and as a result use less energy.


If the claims for the impact of this plan are true, this seems like a pretty simple solution to some of the US’s energy consumption plan. I think they should also require solar panel installation on new building construction as well.

Obama 100 day job poll

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

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A recent poll asked if Obama is doing a good job as President after his first 100 days in office.  39% said yes he is, 61% said no he is not.


Sounds like a serious case of buyers remorse to me….although I don’t know why people are so surprised….they jumped right on board for his brand of CHANGE….

Obama says he will close tax loopholes

Monday, May 4th, 2009

News Story:

Today President Obama announced that he would close tax loopholes for US companies that attempt to shelter their profits from taxes.  Obama’s main reason for this move is to protect American workers by making it equal cost to create a job overseas or in the US.


If Obama was truly interested in creating jobs in the US, why not go to a flat tax or something like that.  This would impose a great job creation engine in the US economy.  Why not eliminate all loopholes? I agree with Obama’s goal, but as usual I am not sure if his actions will support the outcome.  More to come about this topic I am sure…