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3200 Post offices in the US under review for closure

Monday, June 29th, 2009

News Story:

The US post office is reviewing a total of 3200 post offices nationwide for possible closure in the near future.  That amounts to nearly 10% of the total in the US.   The need for closures is due to a decrease in postal activity due to more internet use including internet bill payment.  The current recession has also resulted in a decrease in advertisment that is mailed as well.  A proposal has been made to only deliver mail 5 days per week instead of 6, eliminating Saturday delivery.  The proposed savings is $3.5 billion.


I think the majority of US citizens would not mind the loss of some post offices.  Most people rarely go to the post office as it is, unless they need stamps (which can be ordered via mail now) or need to pick up an undelivered package.  The loss of Saturday delivery also would barely affect most in the US.  The ability to handle so many things from the comfort of your home via the internent is making the post office as it is today obsolete.  Businesses like Fed Ex and UPS do the same job as the post office and in most cases do it better nowadays.