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Obama outlines plan to have health insurance for all

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

News Story:

President Obama gave details on how he would like to reshape the healthcare system in the US.  He would like to give all Americans the option to buy into a government insurance plan, while still allowing them the choice to purchase private insurance as well.

There is pressure for Obama to push to require that all Americans have some form of health insurance, possibly providing a waiver based on income or some sort of  subsidies to help the poor purchase coverage.  Cost of this type of program is a huge issue, and Obama is already talking about making huge cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, in the amount of about $300 billion over 10 years.  He cites waste in unecessary tests, and hospital readmissions and would like to see more of a focus on managing chronic diseases.

All plans should have a basic coverage package, and none will be allowed to turn down those with pre-existing conditions for coverage.

Republicans and Insurance companies oppose the plan, as they say it would drive insurers out of business by artificially deflating the cost of coverage.


I agree that providing affordable healthcare for all US citizens is important.  Insurance companies have become so greedy, especially in their compensation of executives in these companies, and are not concerned with customer service.  They will give patients the run around and deny coverage with their profitability being their only concern.

A public coverage option will force insurance companies to differentiate themselves from a government run program, and service may be the way they can do that.

Patients leave ER, too broke to pay

Monday, May 11th, 2009

News Story:

In the face of high unemployment, and the ongoing recession, a higher number of ER and hospital patients are leaving without treatment against medical advice.  Many express concern about the cost of care, and unwillingness of hospitals to be up front with the cost of care.  AMA discharges consist of about 21% who have no insurance vs. 7% who do.


As most people believe, the cost of healthcare is out of control.  Medical care should not bring ruin to a person’s financial well being.  Those who are uninsured are in effect punished for it by having to pay higher costs than insurance companies pay for similar care  due to network discounts.  This is a dreadful type of abuse against the poor and unemployed.