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Obama promises to sign anti-smoking bill quickly

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

News Story:

Legislation to severely crack down on tobacco makers and products is underway, and President Obama has promised to sign this legislation into law quickly.

Included in the legislation will be the ability for the FDA to have the ability to regulate what goes into tobacco products, to demand changes in additives and toxic substances in tobacco products and also to block the sale of new tobacco products.

Cigarettes will be required to have warning labels that cover 1/2 of the front and back of the packaging, tobacco sponsorships and advertisement will be strictly regulated, flavor additives will be restricted or banned, and a new user fee will be imposed on the tobacco industry.  Currently, assessments are $235 million a year and are expected to rise to $712 million in 2019.


I think that it is important to encourage young people not to begin smoking, but I think that responsibility should lie with the family, and with schools.  There are education programs, that my children have been a part of that are effective at telling kids the dangers of smoking and doing drugs.  My kids are the first to lecture their smoking grandparents on the dangers of smoking….

I don’t think that additional government regulation is the answer.  This is just another area that the current administration will throw the hard earned money of American citizens at, that won’t really stop those who are going to smoke from doing so.  Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you, they’re going to do what they’re going to do no matter what legislation Obama signs into law.