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Rescued Black Lab=Good Samaritan

Friday, May 29th, 2009

News Story:

Blewett the Black Lab was not so long ago a stray barking for attention on Washington’s Blewett Pass, where several travelers had fed him and attempted to catch him.  He was finally captured and the Smith family of Plain, Wash. gave him a home.

While out for a walk with his owner on a trail near the Wenatchee River, Blewett started barking and ran down the hillside to the river’s edge to sniff at an animal that his owner thought might have been a dead bear.  It was actually and elderly, arthritic black dog, and it was alive.  That dog turned out to be 11 year old Pepper, who was being watched by a family nearby.  They speculated that Pepper went by the river to take a drink and was swept away by the current.


Such a sweet story, the rescued dog returns the favor to another dog in need.