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12 year old bull rider killed in Denver rodeo

Monday, June 29th, 2009

News Story:

A 12 year old boy who was a participant in a Little Britches Bull Riding competion in Denver County Colorado died after falling from the back of a bull he was riding.  The bull stepped on the boy’s chest , causing his heart to rupture resulting in the boy’s death.  The boy was wearing protective head gear, and a protective vest for the ride.  The boy’s younger brother also rides bulls competitively.  Children as young as 8 are permitted to compete.


The sport of bull riding is ridiculously dangerous for adults to participate in.  Allowing children as young as 8 to do this, and then saying that you can get hurt doing  just about anything, as some of the parents say, is completely outrageous.  I will never understand how parents can knowingly put their children into such dangerous situations and live with themselves.