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California Voters Reject Ballot Measures

Thursday, May 21st, 2009


California Voters overwhelmingly rejected ballot measures that raised taxes to keep California from falling further in to an economic crisis. All ballot measures were defeated with the exception of the measure to freeze raises on government jobs when there was a budget deficit. The Governator Arnold knew these were going to fail prior to the vote, as he stopped campaigning for their passage and was in Washington the day prior to the vote.


Being a former California resident, I have some perspective on this situation.  Spending is out of control in California, while common sense is in an extremly short supply.  The state wastes a ridiculous sum of money caring for illegals and other ultra liberal pet projects.  This high level of spending must stop if the state will ever regain its glory.  This is a classic case of spend, spend, spend and then when times get a little hard, the state is so far over extended.  It will be interesting to see if this crisis turns in to a collapse.